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Who doesn’t want a dark mode user interface (UI) in all of their apps? Especially for anything used frequently and often at night, such as taking notes. After a few years of trying different note-taking apps in dark mode, I’ve found my holy grail: Bear App!

Note! I’m not getting paid or sponsored for writing about Bear App, they probably don’t even know I exist.

What is Bear App?

Bear is a writing app available on mobile, desktop, and tablet. If you pay extra, you can get your apps synced across all devices, but even without doing so, it’s the best! The interface design of the app is super minimalistic, which is one of the top reasons why I like it the best. It is very stripped down, but still beautifully designed.

Markup Editor

In addition, Bear is a markup editor, which means that it supports programming languages and shortcuts for writing. For example, if you are used to writing things in a CMS (content management system) like WordPress, you may be familiar with using “#” to denote headings. The app also assists you by auto-formatting other symbols such as “-” to become check-boxes. You can see some of the other markup shortcuts below.

Bear App

Different themes

And of course, the app doesn’t only have a dark mode, but also offers a light and sepia mode theme. Although, I don’t understand why anyone would ever prefer anything else than dark mode.


The best thing

The best thing about the app is that it’s so simplistic! Minimalistic! Clean! Fresh! Polished! (And all other synonyms). It truly allows you to focus on your writing, your notes, and the information you want to save.

It’s also absolutely great for to-do lists where you check off boxes, and for all types of other lists as well really really. Here below is my to-do list for my entire life. Very productive!

Other good note-taking apps

Apart from Bear, no other specific note-taking app has made me stick to it. I’ve tried popular ones like Notability, Good Notes, Notion, Apple Notes, Google Keep and etc. Of course, all of them work, but they’re often too messy, or the UI is too ugly, or they just don’t offer dark mode.

I would say that Google Docs and Notion are the only ones that come even close to the simplicity and aesthetically pleasing interface of Bear. But, if you ever go looking for the best notes app in dark mode, try Bear!

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