The best study and work cafés in Gothenburg

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Plugg- och jobbcaféer i göteborg
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Looking for a place to study and work? Perhaps with a cup of coffee? Here’s a list of the best study and work cafés in Gothenburg.

The café city Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a small city, but it’s filled with a lot of great and cozy cafés, especially around the town center. This is mostly because of the Swedish fika culture. Most cafés are found along the streets at Haga, Avenyn, Kungsportsplatsen, and Domkyrkan. Some cafés extinguish themselves with great atmospheres that attract both students and remote workers.

Factors considered

The list of cafés that I think are the best study and work cáfes in Gothenburg are based on these factors:

  • tasty coffee for a reasonable price
  • free wifi och toilet
  • near the city center and great transportation options
  • pretty interior and environment
  • good service

The list of the best cafés

Johan & Nyströms

Johan & Nyström – Jon Eliason Design Studio
Johan och Nyströms Avenyn

The Johan & Nyström cafés in Gothenburg are always clean and feature cool industrial interior designs with green plants. They usually attract customers that come there to be productive such as students and can be found at Kungsportsavenyn 21 and Östra Hamngatan 46-48. They take good coffee pretty seriously and offer a wide range of raw food. Free wifi and toilets are available.

Viktors Kaffe

Viktors Kaffe 2019
Viktors Kaffe Lorensberg

Viktors Kaffe Bar is a small and cozy café located close to Götaplatsen. In contrast to the café chains such as Johan & Nyström and da Matteo, Viktors Kaffe feels much more intimate and local. The people working there (and the customers as well actually) are always so nice and there’s a calm and chilled atmosphere. The interior features plants, art on the walls, and a blue sky painted on the ceiling. During the summer they also have an outdoor serving and there are wifi and toilets. During meal times, the café is often filled with people, however, during other times it’s easy to find an empty spot to sit. However, there aren’t many power outlets (if any), so bring your computer fully charged!

Kafé Magasinet

orangeriet - Rulla vagn
Kafé magasinet tredje lång

Kafé Magasinet at Tredje lång (the street behind the famous Andra långgatan), is a super popular restaurant and bar at night, filled with customers and a loud volume.

However, during the day there’s a really calm atmosphere with incredible natural lightning streaming in from the glass ceiling above. The interior is filled with big green plants, industrial lightbulbs, and cozy pillows. There’s coffee, wifi and toilets available and it’s great for both visiting alone or as a group.


Mina mål för resten av året - Contently
Kopps Domkyrkan

Close to Domkyrkan, one can find the café and restaurant called Kopps. The greatest advantage with Kopps (in my experience) is that it’s open until 22 during weekdays, while most cafés in Gothenburg often close much earlier. Besides coffee and fika they also offer a variety of pasta dishes, pizzas, hamburgers, and more. Wifi and toilets are available and there’s a shuffleboard that one can pay for.

Da matteo

Da Matteo Coffee Roasters - Interview with founders – Bean Bros.
Da Matteo

The chain “da Matteo” can be found at multiple places in Gothenburg and there’s often a lot of customers, especially when the weather’s good. Their coffee is tasty, the interiors often feel very chill and wifi and toilets are always available. Most da Matteo cafés have both places to sit indoors and outdoors as well as multiple floors and some “hidden” areas. Right outside the entries at their outdoor servings, there’s often a lot of people. However, in most of their cafés, you can walk around (often through some small side door or stairs) and find semi-hidden places with fewer customers which are calmer and cozier. They as well offer both coffee, fika och pizzas.

Da Matteo in Gothenburg best café in Sweden -
Da Matteo study café in Gothenburg

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