Is the iPad Pro worth it for blogging? (Pros & Cons In 2022)

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Are you thinking of buying an iPad Pro for blogging and wonder: Is the IPad Pro worth it for blogging in 2022? Here’s what I think!

I have used my iPad Pro for studying, writing, blogging, drawing, and even designing digital products. For me, I think the iPad Pro is totally worth it for any creative work regarding writing, reading, taking notes, and studying. And blogging fits into that category. 

Also, for every year that passes, Apple keeps updating everything that goes with the iPad Pro, so even though I’ve had mine for years, I still feel like it keeps getting more and more useful with each passing year. For this year (2022), I for example upgraded my keyboard from the Folio Keyboard to the Magic Keyboard, as well as got an upgrade on the pen. I believe this development will continue, and I’m not worried that the iPad Pro is just a short-term fad or a low-quality product, but rather the opposite.

Each year, software companies are also making better and better solutions for apps and upgrading comptabilite for the iPad Pro. While I can’t fully use it for all types of UX/UI design work yet; I can absolutely fully use it for blogging, writing, reading, and studying in every sense. 

Disclaimer: I am honestly a big time sucker for new high-tech gadgets that look cool and are useful. I think they are a big part of what makes my life and work exciting; I am willing to pay a lot of money and immensely enjoy using such devices daily. So my opinion is certainly biased towards that view. If you do not hold the same values, then perhaps take my advice a bit lighter. 

What do you need for blogging?

Apart from a website, hosting, a domain name, and a platform which makes it easy for you to publish articles and manage the content; you need something that you can write things on and that you can access those other things with.

Simply put, the iPad Pro offers that. It has a screen, a keyboard, possibility for internet connection, and you can download any necessary software or apps on it that you may need for your writing and blogging. What more do you really need?

Why is the iPad Pro good for blogging? (Compared to laptops)

I would even go further and say that for me, I prefer using the iPad Pro for blogging over the traditional laptop. 

Reasons the iPad Pro is better than laptops for blogging: 

  1. More portable and flexible to carry around
  2. Lighter 
  3. Looks cooler and more high-tech when other people see you working on it (Yes, I’m superficial like that sometimes)
  4. Handwriting; If you also get the Apple Pencil, you can even take handwritten notes and make notations with it. I know a lot of writers need to take handwritten notes sometimes for brainstorming or drawing references and such, so this is a great feature compared to ordinary laptops. It also saves on paper which can be both environmentally friendly and save you money; it also reduces what you need to carry around with you. 
  5. I like the ability to both use your fingers (touch), and a trackpad (if you get the Magic Keyboard) for different tasks

Cons to the iPad Pro for blogging 

Of course, there are always cons to anything. The biggest con with the iPad Pro is it’s price, especially in combination with the keyboard and Pencil. 

1. Let’s be honest; it’s expensive.

But is it worth the expense? For me, personally; Yes, absolutely. If you have the money, and especially if you’re a professional who earns money doing the work you’ll be doing on the iPad Pro; then it is worth it. 

I don’t however, ever, recommend anyone to spend money they do not have on things they do not need. So if you actually can’t afford it, then don’t get it. Or go work more and save up money to buy it. You can absolutely do well with blogging without a high-end product like this. I blogged for years with an ordinary laptop or even my phone. 

2. Software restrictions

Another possible drawback with the iPad Pro for blogging is that you may perhaps not be able to use all your ordinary photo-editing or design software or apps that you are used to (on a laptop). 

There are however, a lot of options regarding design and photo-editing software for the iPad Pro, so it’s not that it isn’t possible. It’s just that you may have to change what software you use for your work.

Me, for example, always use when working on UX/UI design with a laptop. And I enjoy using Figma on my computer for creating other types of graphics as well (blog post thumbnails, Pinterest pins, social media posts and etc); but, Figma does not work as well on the iPad Pro as on traditional laptops. It crashes, it gets buggy with shortcuts (CTRL + Z to Undo kinda doesn’t even work), and sometimes I have trouble working efficiently. I am certain that this can happen in other apps as well, so you may need to add a new app in your repertoire of work tools. 

But! A good thing is that most big companies know that people are increasingly moving to iPad Pros and other types of laptops for work, and they are continuously improving and adapting their software to become more compatible. So, perhaps this isn’t a problem that will exist in a few years from now. But for now, it is what it is.

Is the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil worth it for blogging?

I have decided to use all the best accessories for my IPad Pro because it’s my main workhorse and my babe. So, for me it’s worth it. It’s like if you have an expensive car that you love, you’d probably want the best for it as well; new tires, washing it frequently, adding cool interior details and so on. 

Magic Keyboard (vs Folio Keyboard and other off-brand ones)

For me personally, upgrading from the Folio Keyboard to the Magic Keyboard in 2022 was absolutely worth it. I am working more efficiently with the trackpad and love to be able to horizontally adjust the screen’s inclination/tilt. Using the Magic Keyboard, I honestly don’t even touch my laptop anymore for blogging.

But, you do not actually need for example the newest Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro to work well. I used the old Folio Keyboard for years, and there are other off-brand keyboards you can buy that are cheaper. I’m not against that, if that’s what you can afford currently. 

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil however, I absolutely think is worth it. No question or argument about it. None other off-brand pencil I’ve ever tried over the years with any apple product have worked as well or as seamlessly.  So if you plan on doing any type of handwriting, drawing, or such on your iPad Pro for blogging; Then yes, the Apple Pencil is worth it.

Do you need the newest Apple Pencil? Technically, no. But if I’d buy one, I’d buy the best one, it has its pros. 

I hope this could answer your question of whether the iPad Pro is worth it for blogging in 2022! 

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