How your imagination creates reality

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Anything you want is possible because your imagination creates reality. If something can be imagined, then it can become reality through decision, action, and chance (luck). Some call it manifestation, some say it’s an act of God made real through prayer, or you can also just think of it as a logical consequence of human intelligence and the ability of an agent to act on its environment.

Is manifestation key to all?

Manifestation – One of the most prevalent concepts in spiritual practices. It’s the act of making something happen (manifesting) through setting an end goal, visualizing about it, fantasizing, imagining, and then taking relevant action to make it happen. When you have successfully made your end goal come to exist in reality, you have manifested what you want.

This concept of manifestation is often used in otherworldly or religious contexts. Many talk about manifestation as if it is something magical, unnatural, unscientific. Many even tie it to metaphysics and talk about the third dimension to reality where one’s consciousness affects the physical world through some intangible force.

However, my belief is that manifestation is just a normal consequence of when a conscious intelligent agent (e.g. humans) has a physical body that enables it to interact with the world, and who has an inner world that can work reason and act in accordance with the external world.

You can call it manifestation if you want. But I think the process of manifestation becomes even more powerful when you strip it of any unexplainable features and see it as a systematic method that you can apply over and over again. 

How does imagination create reality?

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It’s really simple. We, humans, exist in a physical environment consisting of other things than ourselves (the planets, nature, other beings, objects such as stones, and other materials). In order for humans to be able to function in reality, our brains make up information about how reality around us is so that we can interact with it. 

This is done through our senses (sight, smell, touch, etc), our inner worlds (thoughts, self-awareness, consciousness, and logical thinking), and our physical bodies.

By using our inner worlds, cognitive abilities, and physical bodies, we can interact with the environment and affect it based on our actions. Naturally, we are not the only forces at action, there are an unlimited amount of agents affecting the external world, which is why it feels like things are happening to us, and not by our own accord. 

But of course, we do have the ability and opportunity to affect the external world as well. It’s by choosing to do that, that we can make goals and dreams become true, and turn imagination into reality. It’s the act of doing this that is the act of manifestation or goal achievement. 

Sometimes what we want to make happen can happen within seconds (e.g. I want to drink water), or it can take up to decades (e.g. I want to become the world’s richest man). 

Anything we can logically imagine can happen, but just because it has the possibility of happening, doesn’t mean that it will. The harder the goal you set, the more you have to overcome other forces in reality (the action of other agents or the consequences of events that you can’t control). 

That’s why a part of any success is always based on luck and chance as well. 

I believe, however, that there are an infinite and absolutely endless amount of possible realities at any given moment in time and space. We can’t even imagine all the possible alternative realities that could exist. And your best chance at making your own dreams become reality is by taking action and at least trying

There is of course never a guarantee that you will succeed in turning your imagination into reality. But there is a very big chance of success if you try, keep trying, and don’t give up. It’s logically possible and so why wouldn’t you be able to do it?

Everything that exists around us, all human societies, institutions, systems, norms, inventions, objects, and ways of living are made up. I’d even go so far to say that everything that humans have created, physical or mental, started from someone’s imagination of it, which then turned into reality. And you as another human, have the ability to do that as well.

Method: How to turn imagination into reality

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This is my way of thinking about this. These aren’t set rules in stone or a recipe to follow, but it’s rather a method of thinking that has worked for me in every area of my life. I am sure that it will work for you too.

Step 1: Set your goal, dream, or intention

Decide very clearly what it is you want to turn into reality. Decide it in detail.

You are allowed to dream about anything you want. Don’t make your dreams or goals smaller than they are, allow yourself to really think big and freely. Let go of all concepts you have of what is “reasonable” for you personally in life, especially if there’s anyone else on earth who has already succeeded in what you want to do.

And even if your dream is something that no one else has succeeded with before, doesn’t it mean that it’s impossible. Everything that has been new in human existence has had at least one person who decided on that, even though no one had done it before.

Step 2: Visualize & 100% believe

Use your imagination to visualize how it would feel and how the world and you would be if this goal or dream was already a reality. Visualize in your mind that this thing has already happened. Believe it to be true. Believe that it will happen and do not let go of that belief until you have succeeded. If you do not believe, you will not have the right mindset to make it happen.

Step 3: Take action

Keep your eyes, ears, and intuition open for any relevant opportunities that come your way. Look for them actively and catch onto anything that your intuition tells you is relevant for your dream. And trust me, sometimes key opportunities will blow your mind with how random they are, but they will be perfect for your intentions.

If you can’t find any relevant opportunities, then you take action to create them yourself. Be creative, and think for yourself. What can you do to make an opportunity for yourself?

Remember, everything in our world is made up, and you can make even more things up. You are one of those who create things and you do not need to wait passively for other people to create things for you. You are capable as well.

Take continuous actions to move towards your dream or goal. It may go slow, it may take time, but make sure you keep moving forward and keep being open for new actions to take.

Step 4: You have changed your reality

With time, perhaps you won’t even notice when you will look around you in life and see that your reality has become what you envisioned and imagined. By having decided on how you want reality to be, believing in it (not giving up), and having taken action continuously, you have managed to move yourself to the reality you want. 

Step by step, sometimes unnoticeable, you have navigated, or changed reality in accordance with your vision and imagination. You have taken the opportunities you’ve had, or created new ones for yourself. And by logical consequence, your imagination has become reality.

Why you should want to change the world

Photography by NASA

You, as the person you are now, are truly unique and will cease to exist forever after death. And while it’s uncomfortable to think about non-existence, it’s important to truly realize the uniqueness of our existence. 

The fact that you’re alive and the person that you are, is such an amazing thing. It’s almost unbelievable how everything in history, in human evolution, in the existence of the universe from the Big Bang and perhaps even before that, has led to this moment where you exist and have the ability to act on the world.

Imagine all the possible ways the universe could have developed, but instead, it developed in a way that allowed for you to exist, right now, reading this. Even if your existence is by sheer chance, accidents, and weird coincidences, it’s still such a crazy and amazing thing that it all happened, and now you are here.

So, don’t you want to use this one chance in existence to affect the world as you want to? To make all your dreams, goals, and imaginations become reality just for the fun of it? 

I am sure that reality is already a million times (and more) larger than any of us could ever imagine. But still, we have the ability to use our own minds to imagine it even bigger, even fuller, and even richer. And we should do that! 

Other people are already doing it

It doesn’t matter if you chose to use your ability to change the world around you or not, because it’s changing either way. In fact, there are countless other humans on earth who are already actively and consciously changing reality for their own dreams. Methodologically (big corporations, people with agendas, visions, leaders, innovators) or unconsciously.

So either you do it as well, and become the action force of your own reality, or you are affected by other people’s dreams and actions. It’s your choice where you want to be. But I personally think it would be such a waste of life, to have a dream, and still decide not to make it happen.

Our ability to imagine and create reality as we want is absolutely amazing. It’s sick. It’s crazy. And it’s so freeing!

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