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Here are a few 90s to early 00s techno/house/trance tracks that I recently discovered, and that I love. I feel like a lot of these feel more authentic, raw, and perhaps even “funkier” (not only dark and moody) and less commercial compared to a lot of new ones. Anyway, I enjoy them, and want to share them with you!

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Also, if you don’t usually enjoy this type of music, you should still try and give it a go! Some tips:

  • Use your headphones or earphones
  • Turn up the volume (otherwise you won’t hear the details and perhaps it’ll just sound like noise to you, but it’s not)
  • Listen all the way, because even if it sounds like it’s the same thing on repeat, it isn’t. It changes and progresses and you’re gonna miss that if you skip too much!
  • Re-listen. Some of these did work for me right away, but all of them I enjoyed even more for every time I replayed it. Usually, by the 4th, repeat it’s my new joy

Disclaimer: I am not good with labeling music with proper genres and such, and I don’t really care for it much. I probably do it wrong all the time. So, I put “90s to early 00s techno/house/trance” in the title because now it encompasses like a lot of things and no one can say that I haven’t included the right linguistic word 😀

CJ Bolland – The Prophet (Original 1997)

Spotify >

One thing I love about YouTube is finding gems in the comment section. Of course, people could be lying, and I wouldn’t know. But here’s a few comments I found interesting or funny. I don’t even care if they’re true or not, I’m gonna pretend that they are.

I love old production values. Gigantic dark beats, with a compressed kick that isn’t walled to death, so it keeps that subby thud to the chest. Also love how everything is reverbed to the high heavens, makes it sound gigantic on the big systems they used to rock back in the 90s. Everything is too polished nowadays, it’s taken away some or most of the energy!

WarpHead (Posted 11 years ago)

I’ve witnessed this epic tune rip dance floors and ceilings to shreds.

Marc Robinson

This was the anthem of the night we used to go in Manchester back in the late 90s called Havok! I first took pills there when I was 16, people used to race down from upstairs as soon as they heard this tune being played in the main room… brings back some great memories!

Ian Marsden

T99 – Anasthasia (1991)

Spotify >

This is the track that changed my life and turned me onto techno forever!

Henry’s DIY Club

Man, early 90’s Techno was so hard-core. The Techno sound during 1990-1993 had a sound all its own. Songs such as this one, Rave The Rhythm, James Brown Is Dead and O Fortuna were so hard-core and underground. By the time the mid and late 90’s came along, Techno was still good but got a little softer and more commercial. By the middle of the 2000’s, Techno changed to EDM and its just started sucking. Thank Youtube that we can go back in time and listen to these classics that revolutionized a genre and club scene. Watch “Basic Instinct,” that is a good example.

Like A Bossk

I love going through the comments on these severely old-school tunes for the memories that the old-timers pass around… I’m about two decade behind you guys in the scene, but thanks!

Martin Reid

Omg, aren’t these YouTube comments just so wholesome? I love everyone

DJ Bountyhunter – Whoops!

Spotify >

Ah, that funky sound (not the bass, the other sound) is working soooo well for my brain.

Just, More 90s to early 00s Music

Apparently, when I was making a few new playlists, I discovered that I love to go out and walk to hardcore trance/techno/gabba or something. Again, I don’t know genres, but I searched for some of my new favorite things on Discogs and that’s what they were labeled as (and no one cares).

This one “Operation Blade” by Public Domain is soooo nice. Omg, the energy. It feels like I’m in this huge crowd, where everyone is exploding with energy and life. And it’s summer. And this is live. I usually don’t listen to music that have added effects of crowds/screams/noise but that’s changing now.

I have no idea what this “Bla Bla Bla” by Gigi D’Agostino is about, but I loved it from the first time I heard it. It’s like a love story when you fall for someone at first sight just because of their outer appearance and you don’t know anything about what they’re actually about. No idea where I’m going with this, but this is how I feel with this song. It’s a very attractive song. And it goes on and on. It reminds me of how I feel when I listen to Gesloten Circle.

Bits and Pieces by Artemesia and Patrick Prins, is so fun! Listen to it! Dance! Walk! Move! Enjoy! Wohoooo! Also, it almost sounds like they’re screaming “WENDY-WAH”, but they’re not, I know.

Aaah isn’t it great that we have music! Such a good thing to live for, very nice.

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