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I love the black knee-high socks outfit style. Especially for winter when you want to wear skirts or dresses, but want the extra layer of warmth. But it can be hard to know what to wear with knee-high socks, because you may not want to look too school girly. So, to help you, I’ve gathered this collection of inspiration for black knee-high socks outfits!

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Defining Knee High Socks

There’s actually a big difference in the style of wearing thigh-high socks, compared to knee-high socks. Thigh-high is in my opinion, more explicitly sexy, and draws attention to the upper thigh area. Knee-high socks, on the other hand, are a cuter, more everyday look. It looks a bit french to me.

The material of the socks can affect the look as well. Wearing sheer/translucent knee-high socks looks sexier because it reminds people of lingerie, while a more solid black color and material just look like cute socks.

What to wear it with?

Black knee-high socks look great with clothing items such as:

  • Combat boots e.g. Dr Martens
  • Sneakers e.g. Vans
  • Black leather or shiny loafers
  • Heeled boots
  • Knee-high boots (with the socks going a little above where the shoes end)
  • Black mini skirts!
  • Plaid skirts (french look)
  • Blazer (stylish look)
  • Sweater/hoodie (cuter look)
  • Black mini dress
  • All black outfit style

Winter & Summer – Black knee-high socks outfit tips

For black knee-high socks winter outfits, you can add 15-20 den tights underneath the socks, wear warmer boots, a sweater on top (with perhaps a shirt underneath), and a thick jacket over. It should keep you comparably warm to a pair of trousers.

For summer outfits, you can instead wear loafers instead of boots, and knee-high socks in translucent/sheer material instead of thicker materials, and wear something light and breathable on top.

Black Knee-high socks Outfit Ideas

Here’s a Pinterest board I created with black knee-high socks outfit inspiration.

My favorite outfit inspiration is this from Dr Martens instahop website. This is exactly what I mean with blending translucent knee-high socks with combat boots! It’s a nice blend of a more bad-ass vibe and more girly tender vibe.

And a similar look from the 90s, shown in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, although I think she’s wearing boots here (but it looks the same from a distance). It looks so pretty with a dress!

The 27 Most '90s Outfits Worn On "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" | Buffy style,  Fashion, 90s outfit

Hope you found some good inspiration here for your own black knee-high socks outfit!

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