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Are you searching for the prettiest and best light blue fountain pen ink? Here’s a few recommendations!

The color blue signifies harmony, consistency, morality, and proficiency. Known to be the number one answer when asked “What is your favorite color?”, it is no surprise that light blue is the second most preferred ink color to use, after black, of course. Light blue fountain pen ink comes in a variety of elegant shades and unique variations for you to choose from! Let’s take a look at the top light blue fountain pen ink recommendations that will help you to achieve the best light elegant shade you are looking for. 

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1. Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-peki 

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For the tens of thousands of blue inks that are currently selling on the market, this one takes the top as the best one yet! Iroshizuku Kon-peki has created the most mesmerizing light blue ink that will truly fulfill your dreams of having your writing resemble the sky on a bright sunny day! This light blue ink is incredibly vibrant and has a mesmerizing quality that truly won’t disappoint you!

2. Diamine Shimmering Blue Lightning 

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For a fun and lighthearted blue, us Diamine Shimmering Blue Lightning. This ink is incredibly unique, due to the fact that it is infused with shimmering silver sparkles, giving a magical glow to any wording that you decide to utilize it for! You must shake the bottle of ink before filling up your pen to get the maximum amount of sparkle that it can offer. This ink is completely safe to use in any fountain pen and will give you a light blue shade of ink that you previously thought to be only available in your dreams!

3. Diamine Beau Blue Ink 

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Diamine brand ink has been around since 1864, making it a staple ink brand recognized as top-notch quality by a multitude of households and calligraphy companies! This ink is produced and manufactured in the UK and is made from a gentle and safe formula, allowing it to be used in any type of fountain pen. Its icy blue hue will allow your writing to glow and basically jump off of the page to anyone who is looking at it! An extremely fun color to utilize, the diamine beau blue ink is a must-have for any calligrapher. 

4. Noodler’s Lightning Blue Ink 

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Known for their incredibly low prices, Noodler’s Ink creates intense and affordable inks for everyone to enjoy! The Lightening Blue ink, in particular, is a part of Noodler’s Electric Color series, making it an electrifying and exciting light blue fountain pen ink to use on any surface. This incredibly ecofriendly ink company uses extremely simple ink bottles and packaging, with boxes that are made 100% from recycled paper! Noodler’s light blue fountain pen ink is a great shade for any calligraphy connoisseur that wants their writing to shine brightly. 

Any one of the above listed light blue fountain pen ink will be a fantastic addition to a calligrapher’s ink collection. The light blue shades will be able to bring a fun and exciting tone to your writing that will be quite unforgettable for readers and viewers!

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