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Looking for the best cheap fountain pen friendly paper? Here are my best recommendations!

For many fountain pen users, such as drawing and calligraphy artists, choosing a paper that is high-quality, cheap, and fountain pen friendly is of the utmost importance! While it may be confusing as to which paper to choose, due to the fact that there is an endless amount of extremely expensive quality paper currently on the market, have no fear! We are going to be introducing you to some of the best paper brands that will surely surpass your expectations for the best you will lay your fountain pen ink on!

Note! Some of the links in this article are affiliate link, but the recommendations are honest.

1. Midori Paper 

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Midori is an extremely high-class, and also inexpensive, brand of paper that will have you wondering why you ever used a different kind of paper to write on! Midori paper is extremely smooth to write on when using fountain pens and portrays pen shading very well. This brand also offers consumers the option to purchase this paper in loose-leaf form or in a notebook, creating an abundance of convenience for any fountain pen enthusiast. Priced at only $11.90, Midori has created paper that is both very low-priced and efficient!

2. Tomoe River 68gsm Paper

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Fountain pen users acknowledge Tomoe River as one of the best paper brands to date and so do we! This paper company creates sheets of paper that is incredibly thin, sheen, and smooth. This paper never allows fountain pen ink to seep or bleed through to the other side, which is quite surprising considering how thin Tomoe River’s sheets of paper are! Fountain pens will smoothly glide over these sheets and for only $13 this paper truly will provide writers and fountain pen users the best bang for their buck!

3. HP Premium32

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HP Premium32 paper is probably the most inexpensive and affordable fountain pen friendly paper currently being sold to fountain pen users! This very thick paper is fully equipped and capable of holding fountain pen ink without letting it seep through to the other side. HP Paper is created from renewable forest materials, allowing the company to try and achieve production with 0% deforestation throughout the United States. With a package of paper only costing $10.20, HP’s Premium32 paper is a great product for fountain pen users to utilize that will make their ink writing crisp and vibrant looking!

4. Rhodia Paper

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Rhodia paper has created sheets of paper that are all-around a great purchase for any fountain pen user! Rhodia allows fountain pen writing experts the handiness of holding every sheet within a durable and conveniently wire bounded notebook. These sheets of paper have an incredibly fast drying time for ink and the threshold for bleeding is quite low! Rhodia’s paper is a very smooth and low-costing fountain pen friendly paper that will never disappoint. 

For cheap, yet incredibly high-quality paper that is fountain pen friendly, then look no further. By trying any of the above mentioned paper brands, you will be pleasantly surprised by the first-rate paper you are paying less for!

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