Why the Police Use Drones for Law Enforcement

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Police around the world are using drones to combat crimes. This article explores the topic of why and how the police (and criminals) are using drones.

Modern Cyberpunk Technology

What once was cyberpunk sci-fi has now turned into reality. The cyberpunk high-tech low-life reality is showing itself in different ways, such as through rising economic inequalities, increased organized crimes, as well as an organized crime using new technology like drones.

We are living in the early cyberpunk era right now. We have state surveillance, cyberwars, the threat of AI, worldwide environmental endangerment, and many other issues.

Why the Police Need to Use Drones

High-tech systems and machines are constantly evolving. And the owners of the newest technology will always have an advantage.

That’s why all organizations that seek power and dominance need to keep up with emerging high-tech systems and machines. This means that both criminals and law enforcement will forever be grappling to own and dominate the newest technologies.

National police forces don’t have a choice in whether to use high-tech drones or not when criminals already have begun using them.

Organized crime is a true threat to national law enforcement and below are some examples of how they’ve begun using drones for their businesses.

Real-life Examples of Organized Crime Using Drones

Criminals Using Drones in Sweden to Evade the Police

In Sweden, the police are well aware that criminals have been using drones to spy on them in multiple cities, learning their driving routines so that they can carry out their criminal activities in secret (Radio Sweden Broadcast). The drones are waiting outside the police station in the mornings before the police dispatches and follow the cars around.

ISIS Dropping Bombs with Drones

There have also been multiple videos and reports of ISIS dropping bombs with drones, such as from Daily Telegraph Australia.

It’s not surprising that drones are being used to wage wars, and I think we can expect many more happening of that in the near future.

Drones for Drug Transportation in Tokyo

There have been rumors of local gangs in Tokyo transporting drugs using drones. However, it’s still a question though whether if it’s a rumor or truth.

However, I can definitely see it happening in the future. Especially as technology advances and such machines will become easily available for all who can pay for it.

Using drones for illegal transportations protects the identity of the sellers, as well as possibly the buyers.

Twitter post about Tokyo Police and drones
Twitter post (I couldn’t find a believable source for this)

How Police Are Using Drones for Law Enforcement

What are some of the ways the police can counter these drones controlled by criminals? Below are some of the emerging technologies and tactics being explored by the police around the world to fight the use of drones by criminals.

Japan, Netherlands & The Middle East

  • In Tokyo, Japan the police have explored using net-carrying drones to catch other drones mid-air (Telegraph UK).
  • In the Netherlands, the police are training eagles to take down drones (BBC News).
  • An Australian company has sold anti-drone weapons to middle-eastern countries that need to fight drone attacks (Drastic News). This is especially because terrorists have used drones to carry explosives.

The Future of Drones and Law Enforcement

I believe we’ll see a future where drones and other robots will be used increasingly to carry out crimes (bombing, shooting, and transportation).

This would mean that law enforcement also need to develop and use AI robots to combat that.

Some of the ways I see police drones being used in the future are:

  • Surveillance
  • Following criminals
  • Transportation
  • Bombing & Shooting

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Updated: 2020-11-30

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