How to: Emoji attacks and wordless digital aggression

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Weird topic, I know. But in this post, I’m going to teach you about emoji attacks and how to show your disapproval of something through digital wordless expressions.

Why is this good? Well, because in real life you have the choice to use your body language and facial expressions to express anger, micro aggression and disapproval, wordlessly. And why is that good? Because sometimes you’re just a little bit disapproving but don’t care enough to actually express it in words or actions.

On the internet however, sometimes you can use “reactions” such as thumbs down on posts and messages to show approval. But that’s a very vague and non-expressive clue to the other person of what you’re feeling. So, instead, you can use a chain of emojis that metaphorically expresses aggression and disapproval!

Disclaimer: Yes, I am not actually being very serious in this post. Take what you want, and leave what you don’t want. I however, love emoji attacks, and to be emoji attacked.

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The trick to emoji attacks

The trick to a good emoji attack is to not be too forward, and to make it into a joke. You don’t want to seem like a bad person or actually hurt the person you’re writing to. You just want to make the other person feel some of your negative energy directed at them, so that they know when to shut up!

So, some guidelines:

  • Don’t only use boring emojis, make it comical. For example, instead of just a head, use an emoji with a wrapped up head wound. Instead of using a boring knife, use the biggest samurai sword you can find.
  • Exaggerate the action. You don’t want to just cut someone, you want to bomb their entire house or village. You don’t want to just show them the finger, you want to cut their finger off. And etc. And they will understand that of course you don’t actually want to do that, you’re only joking!
  • Use layers of metaphors. For example, my friend uses the emojis for the “turkish eye symbol” to curse the other for misfortune. (Well, I think it’s fun). Or you could use some form of irony or sarcasm with double-meanings so that they don’t really know what to think.
  • Don’t explain your emoji attack (unless they ask you). It’s like explaining a joke right after you tell it. No!

Emoji attack examples

Here’s a few examples of emoji attacks to use! I’m on Apple so I’m sorry if these threats are not as cool on Android/other.

  • 🔪🤕 (You knife person in head, but person survives with a bandaid and has learned a lesson)
  • 👊🏼🤜🏼🤛🏼👊🏼🤜🏼 (You are aggressive punching in the air in front of the other person’s face)
  • 🔪😇 (Don’t worry, I will not knife you, I’m just holding the knife)
  • 🧂👁 (Salt someone in the eye)
  • 🧿 (Cast a spell on the person)
  • 🧙‍♀️ (Perform bad magic on person)
  • 🏡🛏😴 -> 💣 (Bomb person during sleep)
  • 🙂 (This is enough. Very scary sarcastic smiley face. Look at the eyes, they’re not even smiling. Send this as the only answer to make them SWEAT.)
  • 🤡 (You call them a clown. Also, do not add any text to this. Just send this.)
  • ✋🏼🔙 (Back to you. So if they say “Hahah you’re stupid”, you send this and now they’re the stupid ones).

Disclaimer again!

Also, please only use these attacks on people who understand emojis and jokes. Otherwise, maybe it can get weird fast. Also, actually be kind before and after emoji attacking someone. It’s for fun!

Thanks for reading, I hope you learned some good emoji attacks!

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