Design & Dev – learning objectives

Design & Dev – learning objectives

Learning objectives
1. Create a design system for the company I work at
2. Start designing with components in Sketch
3. Keep updated on HTML5
4. Improve knowledge in grid & flex in CSS
5. Improve knowledge in vanilla Javascript (in order to advance in frameworks like React)
6. Improve sketching abilities, especially creating storyboards
7. Learn more animation in After Effects (footage tracking).

In order to continuously develop my skills as a designer and developer, I’m always setting up learning objectives to work towards. My goal is to work towards being a well-rounded designer & front-end developer. A generalist. Perhaps I’ll want to focus on a niche in the future but that’s not my current goal. With a well-rounded set of skills, I can contribute to the whole design process, which is especially valuable for companies with smaller design & dev team. In addition, I could easily apply the skills into creating my own products in the future (apps, websites and etc).

1. Component-based Design & Dev

During this past year, I’ve learned much about working with components in development, and I’ve come to realize that the same system could be used in design in order to be more effective. Components can be incorporated in design using both a design system (which I’m creating for the company I’m working at right now) and by using components in Sketch when designing. I haven’t been actively using components in Sketch before, but my goal is to start doing so in all future projects.

2. HTML5 and Grid & Flex

I learned HTML & CSS when I was 14 years old, which was six years ago. At that time, HTML5 hadn’t been released yet, or the same system with grid and flex as developers use today. So in order to keep my knowledge up to date, I’m taking an extra course at university to more thoroughly learn the new standards.

3. Vanilla Javascript -> React JS

This summer I’m also working towards improving my skills in vanilla Javascript since I jumped into React before I had fully learned Javascript basics. I believe that by learning Javascript better, my skills in JS frameworks like React will improve too.

4. Sketching & Animation

Sketching and animations are aspects of the UI design process that are often overlooked, but they’re very important in order to create the best designs. I’m currently taking a summer course in sketching and looking at youtube videos to learn more about techniques for animation.

What I’ve learned

The most important takeaway from this past year is that I need, as the sole designer of a company, work harder to keep learning new design methods. It’s not enough that I deliver the designs they need, I also need to take more responsibility and create a solid design foundation. In order to learn how to do this, I need to read more articles, forums and follows more senior designers work.

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