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Dark red fountain pen ink is one of the most beautiful ink colors that you can use. Dark red holds a certain passion and distinction that you can’t find when utilizing bright red colors for your artwork or writing. Here are my top and most favorable dark red fountain pen inks that all fountain pen writers can use!

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Noodler’s Red Black: 

This perfect mix of both red and black gives writers a daring and sophisticated color that will please anyone who views their work. This particular ink has an incredible shading element to it, allowing for writers to create a color variance that ranges from a light brick red to an almost-black hue. This particular fountain ink has an extremely durable formula, matched with impeccable water and fade-resistant qualities. Noodler’s Red Black fountain pen ink has also been tested on a variety of paper and has been found to work extremely well on all of them, including plain copy paper. If you are searching for a strong dark red color that will perform well on any surface and make any writing or artwork hauntingly beautiful, then the Noodler’s Red Black fountain pen ink is the one for you. 

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Monteverde Napa Burgundy

If you are looking for an ink that has both an incredibly rich dark red color and an amazing solution formula, then we have the ink for you! Monteverde’s Napa Burgundy is the perfect dark red color to add to your ink collection. This beautifully confident and charismatic dark red shade is one of the best, due to its impeccable formula specifically created and designed by Monteverde for calligraphy artists who were looking for a fountain pen ink to go the extra mile. This ink’s formula allows for writers to have a more improved ink flow when writing with it. For a beautiful dark red fountain pen ink, try out the Monteverde Napa Burgundy fountain ink. 

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Diamine Oxblood Ink

Diamine is one of the most famous ink brands in the world. And their ink Oxblood is one of the prettiest dark red inks I’ve ever used! This absolutely breathtaking and marvelous dak red color is the perfect hue for any individual who is looking for their words or art to truly pop off of the page. This dark red gives off an incredibly obscure hue unlike any other ink and has a safe formula that can be used in any fountain pen. 

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Platinum Classic Cassis Black 

Known to be one of the most exotic darker red/pink inks, the Platinum Classic Cassis Black ink is truly an impeccable color to add to your fountain pen ink collection. The formula of this particular ink has both amazing water resistance and a distinctive color-shifting element. For a beautiful color and incredible formula, choose the Platinum Classic Cassis Black ink! 

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If you are searching for the perfect dark red fountain pen ink, then try out any of the above-mentioned inks. You will surely be pleased with the color and quality of each one! 

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