App UI Design in Figma (Speed UI Design YouTube Video)

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I love watching people in the process of making UI designs. So, I decided to make my own YouTube video of an app UI design in Figma. In this one, I’m creating a screen of my own product concept.

Read more about the entire app concept further down in this post.

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The YouTube Speed Design Video

Here’s the video of me designing the calendar view of the app.

App UI design in Figma

The app concept

Here’s a view of the end result of the app design idea. This is still only in mockup and prototype, and not in code.

Journaling app in dark mode

My goal with this project

This is a concept idea I had for a journaling app in dark mode. I want to use an app like this but couldn’t find one in the app store. So, why not create my own?

In the future, I want to make it into a real mobile app. But first I need to learn how to code that well or get the money to hire a developer. We’ll see. But I’m sure that I’ll make this into a real app someday.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and some developer will see this and likes the idea, and create it!

Concept of the app

Journaling App UI design mockup
Start page of the app

The image above is the start page of the app. Here, you can quickly write one or two short sentences or notes about your day. You can also very quickly add your daily activities and how you’re feeling by clicking on the cards.

I designed this mobile app with the idea that it shouldn’t take a long time or much of an effort to record your daily feelings and habits. You should be able to do it in under 3 minutes!

Then of course you’d also have a calendar view that you can go to so that you can see your old entries. This calendar screen is the one I’m creating in the YouTube video.

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