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Are you looking for inspiration for profile screen UI design? Here’s a collection of the best profile screen UI designs for your next project! I’ve also included some tips on which features are good to include in different types of apps.

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Dating/Matching App Profile Designs

Profile screens for applications that match users (both romantic, platonic, and professional purposes). A few example of good features to include in profiles such as these are profile and user images, location, hobbies, interests, and mutual parameters.

Friend dating/matching

Friend Dating Profile Screen UI Design
Andrew McKay

Job profile screen UI design

Toma Li

Tinder UI re-design

tinder re-design
tinder re-design
Andriy Pryvalov

Tracker/Game App – Profile Screen UI Designs

Profile screen UI designs for apps that track data for competition (fitness, events, games). These types of apps often benefit from featuring more elaborate and engaging illustrations and graphs, as well as displaying badges that the user has won/reached.

This first example has great illustrations for the badges.

game app design
Laura Reen

In dark mode, one can make the interface more fun by using highlight colors for graphs, tokens, and illustrations.

profile screen ui design
Alex Tsibulski
profile screen ui design
Surja Sen Das Raj

Another example of engaging and fun illustrations is to make the user experience more entertaining.

profile screen ui design
Prakhar Neel Sharma

Market Place/Job Sites – Profile Designs

A collection of some great profile UI designs for marketplaces and job sites (similar to Upwork, Freelancer, and so on). The purpose of these types of profiles are for the buyer to be able to judge if this is someone who they want to hire, and for the seller to be able to sell their services. So, a few good features to include are tags for specialties, work history, past work reviews, and the seller’s description.

Professional profiles

Marketplace dashboard profile screen
Masudur Rahman
profile screen ui design
profile screen ui design
profile screen ui design
profile screen ui design

Model profile screens

profile screen ui design
Model Agency Profiles – AR Shakir
profile screen ui design

Influencer profile pages

profile screen ui design
Syed Misba

Social Media Profile Screen Designs

UI design for profiles on social media sites. Relevant numbers to display are the amount of published content, followers, and following. Since it’s for social purposes it’s also a good idea to add features for leaving comments and engaging in chats/direct messages.

Social Media Profile Screen UI Design
Kawsar Ahmed
Vishnu Prasad

Illustrations – User Profile

Illustrations of user profile pages.

profile screen ui design illustration

Hope you enjoyed it and found some nice inspiration for your project!

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