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The Osume Keys are the prettiest keyboard product designs I’ve ever seen. The company was founded by 3 mechanical keyboard enthusiasts from Canada, with the aim of creating friendly-looking and aesthetically pleasing keyboards. I would say that they have 100% succeeded! Fun fact: Apparently, osume means “press me”.

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I first discovered Osume Keys on my Instagram explore page, where the harmonious color schemes immediately caught my eye. I love pastel and muted color palettes. And on closer inspection, I saw that on different products, there was these super cute emoji faces instead of Esc buttons, as well as a few products featuring knobs and built-in lights.

This was the first post I saw, I’m sure that if I owned this keyboard, this emoji face would make me happy every single time I saw it.

An example of the muted color scheme.

Pastel color mechanical keyboard osume Keys
Product Design: Osume Keys

They also have products that are a bit tech-y looking.

Product Design Spotlight: Osume Keys

The matte finish and muted colors makes the products look very fresh and expensive.

And here’s a close-up shot of one of the gorgeous, matte, and minimalistic turning knobs (note: another very friendly smiling face).

Definitely check them out if you’re looking to buy a new mechanical keyboard or just want some inspiration to make you feel better!

I always think it’s so nice when I find new and inspiring product designs. I’m wondering if perhaps that’s something that would be fun to get into myself. Most of the ones I find are only 3D concept designs though, so it’s nice to see that these products have been manufactured and it seems like their business is going well.

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