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I have no words to describe how beautiful the music by Tamino is, especially the song Indigo Night. Or no, that’s not right. I have so many words of praise I want to give to this artist for what he has created.

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The First Song I Heard: Indigo Night

I first discovered him from a Tumblr post, where they had posted a short clip of his live performance of Indigo Night (video down below). I immediately found his voice and singing beautiful, emotional, and clear. Then, I listened again, but this time to the lyrics. And again, beautiful.

Lyrics to Tamino – Indigo Night

Imagine, the girls around town assemblee
The traveler’s son they come askin’
Where he came from
‘Caause they’ve watched him
Washing his face near the pond
A curious boy and they wonder
Where he came from

He says, “I, I have seen the world’s most beautiful places
Still I feel, as If I’m a walking machine
Watching it all through a screen
There is nothing in between to me
This might as well not be real”

Imagine, the girls take him up on a hill
It’s an Indigo night, there’s a chill
The boy is confused but he’s still
As they gather around him
So many of them, they all sing
About the pleasures of life

And he cries, “Why can’t I sing along with some feeling, or some meaning?
It feels like I’ve always been blind
I don’t know why you girls are so kind
For there are so many in line
Whose lives aren’t as lost as mine”

Now something happened there
The smell of the grass, or maybe the air
There was no more despair
Just something about that night
Maybe the girls, they lit some light
And made everything right
‘Cause he’s never been
More alive

Tamino – Indigo Night

He also has an official music video, which has great cinematography.

My interpretation

The part that struck me the most is:

“I have seen the world’s most beautiful places
Still, I feel, as if I’m a walking machine
Watching it all through a screen…
This might as well not be real”.

I relate to this from the times in my life when I’ve been down or depressed. Because even when I was in the most beautiful surroundings or in the midst of a happy crowd, I didn’t experience it with joy or awareness. As he sings, it felt like I was just witnessing it from behind somewhere else.

And it’s beautiful how this song tells the story about how that changed:

“As they gather around him
So many of them, they all sing
About the pleasures of life”

“Now something happened there…
There was no more despair…
And made everything right
‘Cause he’s never been
More alive”

For me, it means that bringing attention to the pleasures of life, and receiving kindness from others, helps us get out of that state of mind. It’s when we’re aware and consciously grateful for our life that we feel alive, and dark emotions can fade away.


Another interesting song of his is Cigar, and the music video for it was his first, directed by his then 17-year old brother Ramy Moharam Fouad. Apparently, Tamino came up with this song when he was 18 and living in Amsterdam. He was inspired by the painting of “Skull of a Skeleton” in the Van Gogh museum.

Skull of a Skeleton Smoking
Skull of a Skeleton Smoking

“… I was inspired by a painting by Van Gogh – Skull of a Skeleton. In my interpretation, the skeleton died as a man without regrets and was thinking about his days alive with a cigarette (or cigar) in his hands and a smile upon his face (who says skulls can’t smile?).

“I then made a concept for a video about a year ago: I wanted to portray a dead man obtaining the chance to live again one last night. During his temporary time alive he does whatever he pleases, just like when he was among the living.”


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