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Futuristic graphics represent things that don’t exist yet. One of my favorite designers who make futuristic graphics is Carl Hauser.

Carl Hauser, real name Sebastian Stapelfeldt >>, has been one of my favorite designers for many months now. He is specialized in sci-fi and futuristic looking UI & graphic design and is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

You can find him at

Website >>
Instagram @carlhauser >>
Dribbble >>

He has done inspiring work in many areas such as conceptual floating UIs, complex and highly detailed sci-fi interfaces, futuristic virtual reality, and more. He also often combines his creations with motion graphics.

Even though most of his concepts aren’t quite possible yet, his work makes me excited for the future which we may experience with more advanced technology. Or by using VR glasses or augmented reality in cameras in the near future.

Floating UI

Floating ui

Floating UI cards are often used in conceptual designs towards AR and VR technology. It’s not impossible that designs like these will be implemented in a real user interface in the future.

Detailed Sci-Fi Graphics

Futuristic Sci-Fi Graphic
His detailed sketches
planet scan by Sebastian Stapelfeldt on Dribbble in 2020 | Planets, Big  data design, Futuristic

Conceptual Product Design

Futuristic product design by Carl Hauser
Product Concept by Carl Hauser

I think his designs are great, and he definitely deserves even more recognition for his work!

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