Atomic Habits – Success From Daily Habits
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Atomic Habits – Success From Daily Habits

Want to learn the secret to success? According to the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, it all depends on the habits you perform every day.

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Short summary

A person who succeeds, and a person who fails, can both have the exact same goal. The important difference is what atomic habits they each live with. Big changes don’t happen from one single sporadic action, but from consistent actions over time. – This is the central point of the book “Atomic Habits”

The book teaches that goals are great for giving direction in life, but the important thing to focus on is to build small, atomic habits, that are being executed consistently.

It’s the execution of those small atomic habits that leads to success in the long haul. James also stresses that you need to challenge yourself, by always adjusting the habits to become more and more challenging. It’s when you’re being challenged that you’re growing.

James also mentions that this isn’t only good for career goals, but also for studies, relationships, and health.

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How I can apply this to my life

I’ve already been cultivating a few atomic habits in my own life for a few years now (such as walking for 30 min each day as well as saving and investing money each month). But to learn something more from this book, I’m going to apply his advice by always adjusting your atomic habits to become more and more challenging. So…

  1. I have a current goal of making a living from my blog in the future.
  2. It’s great that I have that goal and think about it often, but that in itself won’t make it magically happen one day.
  3. So, instead, I need to start a new atomic habit to help me reach that goal.

My new atomic goal is going to be:

  • Write a new blog post every single day
  • And after that, I’ll add: Promote one of my blog articles every single day.

So the idea is that over time, by writing a new article every day and promoting my articles every day, I’ll be able to build up my blog so much that I’ll be able to live off it.

My thoughts about this book

Atomic Habits was an interesting read. I think that Jame Clear’s idea of atomic habits is a very productive way to reach your goals without feeling overwhelmed.

However, I don’t think that this idea of persistent work leading to success is a revolutionary new idea to any of us. It’s probably something that you already had thought about before.

But still, it’ll be a fun challenge to start this new atomic habit in my own life. Maybe I’ll be back with a follow-up post next year about how I’ve succeeded in making a living off of my blogs.

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