Javascript & API

Javascript & API

I am soon finished with the Javascript part of my software development course and I’ve learned so many things. Most importantly I’ve learned how to fetch data from an API, how to use JSON, how to deal with promises, AJAX, more about using DOM and how to properly write HTML elements with Javascript.

Finished assignment using Javascript

The assignment: We received HTML and CSS files and the assignment was to fetch data from an API and turn the data into HTML elements using only Javascript. We got the link to the API which contained a JSON string which we then needed to turn into an object and use. We then needed to go through the data with if-else loops to display the scores correctly and add classes to the new HTML elements with Js. In addition, we needed to work object-oriented and try to work async.

Honestly, this task was a difficult challenge for me to complete but I’ve learned so much from finishing this. I’m not sure if I enjoy working with Javascript, but I’m hoping this new knowledge will aid me in learning React Native.

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