UI design and React.js

UI design and React.js

Updated (spellings & grammar errors) 2020-11-09

Why I’m learning React JS

The reason I want to learn React is to be able to create my own apps, both for mobile and web. And also, another explanation is simply because I’m lucky that the company I’m working for is willing to teach me.

From a business perspective, I’ll be able to help build designs and edit the UI components for our websites and systems in the future, and I’ll also be able to assist more when implementing designs in code.

Personal benefit

But from a personal perspective, I’m also gaining a lot from this. I have for a long time dreamt of designing and releasing my own web & mobile apps. I’m really hoping that I’ll find the motivation in me to actually learn both React and React Native properly, and build my own applications in the future.

React course I’m taking

Right now, I’m going through Wes Bos’s video course “React for beginners. The course is one of the highly recommended React courses, where you’ll be building an app as well as get every step explained by Wes.

I’m almost done with the course already and I’m surprised about how fast I’m learning. Another benefit of the course is that you’ll have your own finished app and the code to it when you’re done. And you’ll also have enough knowledge to re-use components from the app for your own future projects. I’m hoping to make use of the components that I’ve created in this course in my future projects. 

Wendy Zhou

UX/UI designer from Sweden. I write about design, tech, side projects, personal finance and cyberpunk. Contact: wendyzhou.design@gmail.com

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