UI design and React.js

UI design and React.js

Why I’m learning React

So, how come I, a UI designer who designs interfaces is learning to code them? The simple explanation is that I’m fortunate that the company I’m working for is willing to teach me. From a business perspective I’ll be able to help build my designs and edit the UI components for our websites and systems.

Personal benefit

But from a personal perspective, I’m gaining a lot from this. I have, like almost every UI designer out there, dreamt of designing and launching my own apps in App Store and Google Play. Dreaming of making passive income and becoming a millionaire (and all that jazz) by creating apps. And now here is my chance. I’m really hoping that I’ll find the motivation in me to actually learn React, build my app and launch it in App Store.

How am I learning React.js

I’m going through Wes Bos’s video course “React for beginners”, it’s one very recommended React course where you’ll be building an app and where every step is explained by Wes. I’m almost done with the course and I’m surprised about how fast I’m learning. Another benefit is that you’ll have your finished app and the code to it when you’re done and you’ll have enough knowledge to re-use components from the App. This is how I’m planning to begin creating my own app, by re-using and changing the components I’ve learned to make during this course.

Wishing myself the best of lucks and a strong will power to not be lazy.

Wendy Zhou

Wendy Zhou

UX/UI designer from Sweden. I write about design, tech, side projects, personal finance and cyberpunk. Contact: wendyzhou.design@gmail.com

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