About me

About me

Hi! My name is Wendy Zhou and I live in Sweden.

What I do

  • 👩🏻‍💻 I work with UX/UI design, graphic design and a little bit of front-end development.
  • 📚 I’ve studied BSc in Cognitive Science at the University of Gothenburg.
  • 🤑 I design, create, market and sell my own digital products on my Etsy shop.

Other stuff

  • 💻 On this website, on my Instagram, and on my Youtube channel, I write about design, tech, productivity, cyberpunk, and my side businesses.
  • 🖋 My hobbies include calligraphy, painting, taking long walks, fountain pens & inks, notebooks, investing and trying out new tech gadgets.

Say Hi!

Don’t hesitate to send me a message on Instagram or email me at wendyzhou.design@gmail.com.

Social Media

Instagram: @wendy.design 

Dribbble: @wendydesign

Wendy Zhou - Design

UX/UI designer from Sweden. I write about design, tech, side projects, personal finance, and cyberpunk. Contact: wendyzhou.design@gmail.com

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